Leica Calonox 2 View LRF Thermal Spotter


Leica’s 2.0 View Thermals

Introducing the Leica Calonox 2 View LRF (laser rangefinder) thermal camera ? the ultimate companion for nocturnal hunting or vermin control. Crafted in Germany, this cutting-edge thermal spotter seamlessly blends practicality with innovation. This model boasts a?fully-integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) for up to 1200 meters ? a clear focus on safe and ethical hunting. Its ergonomic design and intuitive operation make handling effortless, while the rapid mechanical selection between day and night modes enhances adaptability in various conditions. With optimized eye relief and a brighter adjustable display for daytime use, comfort and clarity are prioritized.

The Leica Calonox 2 View thermal imager is powered by a European sensor from LYNRED and Leica’s renowned image processing software – expect sharper, higher-contrast images that are rich in detail. Customize your experience with six individually-adjustable colour modes and electronic colour filters for optimal performance. With the Leica Calonox 2 View, embrace unmatched precision and efficiency in your hunting endeavours.

Key Features:

  • Extremely rich in contrast and detail, thanks to Leica Image Optimization (LIO?)
  • Large micro OLED display and optimum viewing comfort
  • Live View (photo and video) enables thermal imaging via smartphone, in conjunction with the Leica 2Hunt app
  • Ready for use within seconds of switching on
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • A deer can be detected at 2000 meters, recognized at about 770 meters, and identified at 390 meters
  • Helpful when shooting and during tracking

In the box:

  • Carrying bag, carrying strap, charging cable, cleaning cloth, flip-cap, manual.

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