Pulsar Telos LRF XP50 Thermal Spotter


Powerful, Upgradeable, Handheld Thermal Spotter

The first upgradeable* thermal imaging monocular from Pulsar is the Telos LRF XP50. The Telos series offer future-proof thermal spotters that give users the option to update technical parts to keep their equipment current with cutting-edge innovations while still being reasonably priced.

Pulsar thermal imaging users will have the option of switching to more powerful optics, adding a higher resolution sensor or display, and upgrading to more effective and useful electrical components. They will even be able to add a laser sensor and more optical channels to the device, ensuring that their product is always useful and reasonably priced.

The Telos LRF XP50 thermal rangefinder monocular has a remarkable 18 mK NETD for its 640×480, 17 m, European-made Lynred sensor, which is extremely sensitive.

Even in the worst weather, this sensor quality ensures absolutely stunning, detailed thermal imaging capabilities. The fastest aperture 50mm f1.0 germanium lens gives you the clearest, most detailed, and most educational image under any lighting circumstances.

For locating an object at a larger distance, the Telos LRF is perfect. To determine distances quickly and accurately, use the integrated precision laser rangefinder. Both single measurements and continuous scanning modes of the LRF can detect distances up to 1000m.

This unit is equipped with cutting-edge Pulsar thermal imaging picture boost technology. These proprietary algorithms enable the Telos XP50’s thermal imaging to achieve the highest degree of clarity, contrast, and clarity, placing it at the top of Pulsar’s thermal spotters. They are excellent thermal monoculars for hunting, wildlife observation, security and thermal imaging surveys.

*This new and unique Pulsar thermal solution is currently in the development phase and will be introduced in 2024. All Telos monoculars purchased in 2023 will be eligible for the upgrade as soon as this service starts.

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