Swarovski ATX Interior 25-60 x 85 Telescope


A Unique, Stylish & Functionally Impressive Telescope

The Swarovski ATX Interior 25-60 x 85 Telescope offers a unique, elegant view of the world outside, whilst complementing a stylish interior. Lose yourself in stunning imagery, all from within the comfort of your room.

Functionally, this impressive spotting scope (with 85mm objective lens and 25-60x magnification) offers unrivalled light transmission, image clarity and an excellent field of view. Its close-focusing range of 3.6 metres allows for almost unlimited operation.

The sleek terra finish with a gracefully crafted wooden tripod ensures this Swarovski telescope blends effortlessly into your home

Included: Complete telescope – ATX eyepiece module Interior, 85mm objective module Interior AND WT wooden luxury tripod Interior.

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