Zeiss DTI 4 Thermal Spotter

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*UK Users Only*

Zeiss’s DTI 4 is a handheld thermal spotter developed to perform at its best both from a raised hide and when deer stalking. With an impressive high-resolution 640 ? 512 sensor, it delivers high-contrast, detailed image quality anywhere in your hunting ground ? even over long distances (detection range up to 2635m).

The Zeiss DTI 4 is the ideal thermal monocular for demanding hunting in UK woodland areas. Thanks to the large field of view of up to 26 metres at 100 metres (model dependent) in combination with its best-in-class image processing quality, the Zeiss DTI 4/35 allows you to detect heat sources in detail even when stalking in the most obscured areas.

Key Features at a glance:

  • Hot tracking (the warmest source in the image is framed for quick acquisition)
  • Up to 7 Hours battery life (built-in battery)
  • Customisable settings via the smart Zeiss Hunting App
  • 8 Colour palettes
  • Button shortcuts for quick, easy setting changes
  • Picture in Picture mode available

Additional information

Lens Size

35mm, 50mm




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