Zeiss Secacam 7 Trail Camera


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Effortless, Detailed Zeiss Trail Camera

The Zeiss Secacam 7 Trail Camera is designed for detailed high-contrast wildlife imaging, featuring a 60-black LED infrared flash and light-sensitive sensor for excellent illumination in complete darkness. It’s ideal for nighttime wildlife observation and offers very easy adjustments with a fixed lens and independent front flap. 

This Zeiss Trail camera operates with optimized intelligent default settings but allows for customization via a large colour display and backlit keys. It is compatible with the ZEISS Secacam App for easy connectivity, providing camera status data, location, and photo sharing.

Ready to use out of the box, it comes with a multi-roaming SIM, 32 GB memory card, and batteries. The integrated SIM enables transmission in 35 countries at no extra charge. The camera’s rugged housing is weather-resistant, and it boasts a fast trigger speed of <0.35 ~ 0.45 seconds. Simple maintenance is ensured with a battery magazine for quick battery replacement and low-power data processing for prolonged usage.

What is In The Box?

  • Zeiss Secacam 7 Trail Camera 
  • Multi-Roaming Sim
  • 32GB Memory Card
  • LR6 (AA) Batteries (x8)

Zeiss’s Secacam 5 Trail Camera has a more compact design than the Secacam 7, allowing it to be hidden and camouflaged more easily. The Secacam 7 trail camera has been designed for convenient operation and installation, and features an easy-to-access battery magazine.  


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Zeiss Secacam 7 Trail Camera
Zeiss Secacam 7 Trail Camera