Swarovski Optik expands NL Pure series with new 52mm binoculars

Since their debut in 2020, SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s NL Pure binoculars have stood out as premier models from the renowned Tyrol-based sport optics experts. These binoculars merge an advanced optical system with a ground-breaking large field of view, all within a remarkably compact and precise design. In mid-July 2024, Swarovski Optik will release two new versions of their top-tier binoculars: the 10×52 and 14×52 models.

Swarovski Optik expands NL Pure series with new 52mm binoculars 2

“Developing binoculars that allow observers to become one with nature was our driving force behind the NL Pure series. Our experts pushed the limits of physics to meet our high standards for optical quality and design. The new NL Pure 52 models offer unparalleled performance in terms of field of view, detail recognition, and ergonomics. We can confidently say that no comparable binoculars exist at this optical and mechanical level within this objective lens and magnification range,” stated Stefan Schwarz, CEO of SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

Swarovski Optik expands NL Pure series with new 52mm binoculars

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The new NL Pure models, featuring a 52mm objective lens diameter, are designed for demanding viewing situations requiring long distances or challenging light conditions. The larger diameter allows more light to reach the observer’s eye. Swarovision technology with field flattener lenses ensures razor-sharp vision. For users seeking extended observation periods with greater detail, the new NL Pure binoculars are the top choice, offering exceptional resolution, edge sharpness, magnification, colour fidelity, and light intensity.

The compact optics of the NL Pure 52 are housed in an ergonomically designed casing. The “wasp waist” design ensures a perfect fit in the hand, reflecting the natural grip position with an oval recess between the thumb and index finger. The optional forehead rest provides unparalleled comfort during prolonged use and stable viewing even at 14x magnification. Additionally, the newly developed TAs-NL tripod adapter allows the NL Pure 52 binoculars to be easily mounted on a Swarovski Optik tripod for effortless long-term observation.

Both models are now available to Pre-Order on our website. Alternatively , let us know if you wish to try them in store. 

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