Pulsar Telos XL50 Thermal Spotter


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Pulsar Telos XL50 HD Thermal

Pulsar’s Telos XL50 stands at the pinnacle of thermal imaging technology, boasting a highly sensitive 1024×768, 12 µm, <40 mK NETD European-made Lynred HD thermal sensor. This incredibly advanced sensor, coupled with a formidable 50mm f1.0 fast aperture germanium objective lens, delivers unparalleled thermal imaging quality throughout its 2.5-20x magnification range.

Its large format HD sensor and exceptional lens combine to offer remarkable thermal detection capabilities, unveiling even the minutest heat signatures at distances of up to 2300 meters. No weather condition is a match for its sensitivity, as it excels in heavy rain, dense fog, snow, and high-humidity environments, ensuring crystal-clear thermal imagery in any scenario.

The Telos XL50 is equipped with cutting-edge Pulsar picture boost technology. These proprietary algorithms enable the Telos XL50’s thermal imaging to achieve the highest degree of clarity, contrast, and clarity, placing it at the top of Pulsar’s thermal spotters. They are excellent thermal monoculars for hunting, wildlife observation, security and thermal imaging surveys. 

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Pulsar Telos XL50 Thermal Spotter
Pulsar Telos XL50 Thermal Spotter